The Chalet School

Elinor M. Brent-Dyer's series of books chronicling three decades in the life of a girls' boarding-school -- from its inception in the Austrian Tyrol in 1930, through the war and postwar years in England and Wales, to its (seemingly) final home in Switzerland -- remains insanely popular, even in a world that would be scarcely recognizable to any of Brent-Dyer's characters, and even despite the fact that most of the books are out of print.


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A selection of the best sites on the Web devoted (in whole or in part) to Elinor M. Brent-Dyer and the Chalet School books:

Girls Gone By Publishers
Where would we be without them?

The Chaletian
Active discussion boards; stories, games, info

Badger Books
Coull Collectibles
Find out-of-print Chalet School titles -- and much more!

Friends of the Chalet School
Official "fan club" with magazine, online articles, publishing info, etc.

The New Chalet Club
The other official "fan club," with a paperback lending library and book synopses, among other useful things.

The Girlsown Google group
A Google group/mailing list devoted to discussion of old-fashioned girls' literature, especially school stories.

Virtual Worlds of Girls
A virtuosic e-book by Ju Gosling, featuring a whole chapter on the Chalet School (which is where I -- er -- lifted the picture for the top of this page).

The Chalet School Forum
A Delphi forum, where members quiz each other and chat.

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